* Church Membership Conference

The Berean PRC hosted their annual conference on Friday, May 6, 2011.  This year the subject of the conference was, Church Membership for Reformed Believers.  Rev. Smit and Rev. Kleyn each gave two speeches on the following topics:
     The Obligation of Membership in a True Church (Rev. Kleyn)
     The Importance of the Confessions for Reformed Believers (Rev. Smit)
     The Reformed Believer's Duties Within His Congregation (Rev. Smit)
     The Reformed Believer's Duties Outside His Congregation (Rev. Kleyn)

There were over 70 registrants.  Each registrant was given a free copy of Rev. Key's pamphlet, Church Membership in an Evil Age.

Busy at it at the registration table

Some of the young men from First Reformed Church in Bulacan

The men both used power point for the first time with some of their speeches.  It went well, and helped to keep people's attention - especially after lunch!

Rev. Smit's speech on the importance of the confessions

Promoting the book "Bound To Join" by Prof. Engelsma
(We featured this book and did end up selling about 15 copies)

Lunch Break

We  set up a book table to sell RFPA books at the discounted price and also pamphlets at a minimal cost.  We sold 30 books, about 100 pamphlets, and a couple of cd sets.  Also, there were more than 100 pamphlets and old issues of the Standard Bearer and Beacon Lights free for the taking, which all went.

Books for sale!

The Berean PRC plans to make DVD video sets available of the conference speeches.  The audio of the speeches and the outlines are already online at:

Recording Crew

We trust that the conference, through God's blessing, served to instruct and guide His people in the truths of the Scripture and the Reformed faith.

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