* Typhoons Pedring and Quiel

Recently two typhoons hit northern Luzon (Manila is in central to south Luzon) causing much flooding and damage to crops.  Typhoon Pedring (international name, Nesat) came on September 27 and Typhoon Quiel (international name, Nalgae) just a few days later on October 1.  In Manila we received a lot of rain, but nothing like they had further north. On our drive to Gabaldon this past weekend we saw much evidence of the damage done to trees, roads, homes and crops.  Many of the members of the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowhip in Gabaldon had two feet or more of water in their homes, but thankfully none lost their homes or their lives. 

Flooding along the NLEX (North Luzon Expressway)

Some of the rice was flattened by the floods and some of the vegetable crops washed away.

The shoulders of the roads were eroded in a lot of places. 

Repair work in progress

The closer we got to Gabaldon the more severe the damage was.  There were huge washouts through the countryside and across the roads.  

These spots used to be all greenery, like the mountains in the background

They were still working on clearing the road and we were down to one lane in places. 

And some people lost their homes

Notice the water still running across the road!

Thy way was in the sea, O God,
through mighty waters deep and broad;
None understood but God alone,
To man thy footsteps were unknown;
But safe Thy people Thou didst keep,
Almighty Shepherd of Thy sheep.
Psalter 211:3

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