* A Few Pictures

No theme to this blog.  Enjoy the pictures.


Siesta Time

September Birthday Celebrants in First Reformed Church of Bulacan

Neighbors Willing to Wash our Car

And willing to wash ME, too!

Snack Time

Anyone know what this is?
[A few have informed us it's a Passion Flower.]

Innovative Sun-Shade

Normal Traffic on the EDSA Freeway in Manila
(The joke is that Edsa stands for "Every Day Stuck Again")


Off to Work in the Rice Fields

Pastor Trinidad and his wife (on left) and a few members
of the MFG Church in Valenzuela City, Manila

One Tall Person with some of the Ladies of the MFG Church in Valenzuela

Iguana at the Faith Academy School Festival

At least it's not a "Wide Load"!

Watching the School Band


  1. Hi all,
    I know the flower to be a passion flower, I recently planted one this spring but never had a bloom this year. Been thinking of the mission work in the Philippines as I have just finished reading a book written by a missionary that had lived there. May God bless your labors, thanks for the posts. Patty Pollema

  2. Was that a live Iguana?