* "Bees Be Gone"

About a month ago, we showed you some pictures of bees in our yard.  They've been around for a couple months, and now and then someone has been chased by them (e.g., a telephone company linesman last week).  But last night they departed.  Not sure why.  Perhaps the warmer weather (in the mid 90's yesterday).  Here are some before and after pictures.


Unfortunately, no honey - the comb was dry.  Some red ants were still hanging around, so we're guessing they had a feast.


  1. Hi!
    Cool pictures!
    I'll venture an educated guess and say that they "absconded". Meaning that they left because they weren't happy there, probably from the lack of nectar around. Not uncommon for honeybees, and your "Giant Honeybees" probably aren't any different.
    There wasn't any honey in the comb, and the bee larvae (brood) was few and scattered, both signs of lack of food.

    Ants will clean up the residual sugars remaining, as well as any left behind brood.

    Amazing creatures, we think of them as so permanent, but God provides for them a way too.

    Rick Van Baren (mr. honeybee know-it-all :) )

  2. Thanks for the explanation, Rick. Sounds right to me. Yes, amazing creatures - a marvel of God's creation when you see what they produce. We enjoyed watching them (from a distance, of course).