* Visit from CC of PRCA (2)

On Sunday, December 18, while Prof. Dykstra was preaching in Provident Christian Church, Rev. Eriks spent the day with the Berean PRC, preaching twice, having lunch with the congregation, and giving a brief talk concerning the sister church relationship.

 Berean PRC

Explaining the process and benefits of a sister church relationship

Watching the Berean PRC's history video

On the delegation's second Sunday here (December 25), I drove Prof. Dykstra to Maranatha PRC, while Rev. Kleyn took Rev. Eriks to the PRC in Bulacan. 

A picture with Rev. Trinidad's family

Speaking and Preaching in the PRC of Bulacan

Bulacan PRC group shot

One evening we took the men to a nearby 360* lookout over the hills of Antipolo and over the city of Manila to watch the sunset.

Climbing the swinging bridge to the lookout

Sunset over the city.  Beautiful!

We also found time to visit Daranak Falls, about 1 hour southeast of where we live.


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