* Delegation (5)

On Saturday morning, as mentioned last time, Gerald and Alan were able to attend the Berean PRCP's consistory meeting.

After the consistory lunch, we put our bags in the car, picked up Alan from the Smits, and left for Gabaldon.  We arrived in Cabanatuan in time for supper and got to our hotel at about 7:30, in time to prepare for the Lord's Day the following day.  We headed for Gabaldon at 7:00 am on Sunday morning, armed with our breakfast of pan de sal (a delicious bread here which we bought the night before), granola bars, bananas and juice.  We arrived at the church building just after 8:00.

Rev. Kleyn first taught the children catechism, then preached on worshiping God in spirit and in truth, and then taught the Heidelberg Catechism, the Lord's Day on why we are called Christians.  A comment after the service and classes were finished was, "Magandang umaga" (a good morning).  God's word is effective even through the barriers of language and culture.  We were able to have lunch and to fellowship with the people for a while.

Lining up for lunch

Monday morning the missionaries and delegates headed off for the city.  The missionaries had to go to the Christian Missionary Service to do some yearly paperwork for the visas.  The delegates got to experience yet another part of the city as well as more Manila traffic.  They made it home in time for supper at the Kleyns.

The delegates left early Tuesday morning.  We have heard that they made it safely home again.  We are thankful for that and for their work here and the encouragement given.  May God prosper the work for the salvation of His church and the glory of His name. 

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