* Tagalog Class

Every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:30 Rev. Smit and the Kleyns go to Faith Academy (where the Smits send their children) for Tagalog class.  Our teacher is Nona Caballero, wife of Tonton.  They are the couple who run the World Team Guest House where many of our ministers have stayed (and experienced the Caballero's warm hospitality) when visiting the Philippines.  Nona also teaches Tagalog to highschoolers at Faith Academy.  We are thankful to have her as a tutor and for her patience with us as we try to learn a new language at 40 (+) years old! 

Teacher Nona

Hard at work

We have recently made a shift in our class from studying the grammar, to practising using what we know.  This past week our assignment was to write out a Bible story in Tagalog and to report on a newspaper article from a Tagalog newspaper.

The students

Pray that God will prosper our language studies for the advancement of the work here.

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