* Tarlac Sugar Cane Harvest

On our way to Gabaldon this past weekend we were driving through the area of Tarlac City.  We saw a LOT of trucks loaded down with stalks of something or other.  We guessed maybe it was sugar cane.  Upon inquiry we found out our guess was correct.  There is a sugar cane processing plant near Tarlac to which the sugar cane farmers from miles around bring their crops. 

A sugar cane field.

This gives you an idea of how tall the sugar cane gets.

Central Azucarera Tarlac - the cane factory
Notice the loaded trucks parked in front.

Trucks lined up waiting for their turn to unload.

There were trucks parked everywhere. 
We wondered how long they had to wait to unload.

Do you think you could fit any more on this load?


  1. That's a lot of sugar cane! It's no wonder some countries use it for bio-fuel.

  2. Great job... out of a decade working the field, everything came together this year's AWESOME harvest! Congratulations and well done.