* Delegation (4)

This continues the story of the delegates 2011 visit to the Philippines.  Wednesday the Kleyns and Rev. Smit had Tagalog Class at Faith Academy.  The delegates took that time to visit and talk over their work.  Wednesday afternoon when the children came home from school the delegates did family visitation with the Smits.  They then came here for supper and followed that up with family visitation with the Kleyns.  We are thankful for the care and oversight of the calling church in this.

Thursday we were all able to go to Faith Academy for lunch at the Vee, the cafeteria there.

A couple of the Smit children were on their lunch break
 and were able to join us with a couple of their friends.

The men were able to try out the jeepneys and trikes.

Friday night we all enjoyed the Smit's hospitality for supper and fun.

A new kind of arm wrestling -- 5 against one.

It's Saturday morning here now and the delegation is meeting with the Berean Consistory at the Kleyn's house.  After the meeting and lunch the Kleyns will leave with the delegation for Cabanatuan and Gabaldon for the weekend.


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