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The delegation of Gerald Brummel (representing the Foreign Mission Committee) and Alan De Boer (representing Doon PRC's Council) arrived here a few days ago.  Their visit, on behalf of the denomination, is part of the work of our churches in the oversight of the missionaries and the mission field (e.g., conduct family visitation with the missionary families, observe and discuss the work of the missionaries, meet the saints here, etc.).

Alan and Gerald were scheduled to arrive late Wednesday night, but weren't able to set their feet on Philippine soil until early Friday morning (around 1:00 am).  Troubles with the plane in Sioux Falls (on account of ice) meant they missed their flight out of Minneapolis.  So they ended up being rerouted, spending a night in Detroit, then being rerouted again.  Finally, after more than 48 hours of travel, they arrived safely to our tropical climate - glad to be here, and glad to enjoy the heat.  One thing that couldn't keep up with all their rerouting, however, was their luggage.  It eventually turned up at our house 24 hours later (at 12:30 am Saturday morning).

Here are a few pictures of their first day here (Friday, January 14).

Finally here .... and smiling!
(Were glad to see us, as we were to see them.)

Gerald writing a "love letter" home

In the Streets of Antipolo City

Fish Section at the Wet Market

The Chicken Section

Trying out some Local Transportation

Where's Alan heading?

A New-Name idea for Marilyn's salon

Supper together on Friday Evening
On their first Sunday, the delegation plans to accompany us as we worship in the morning in the First Reformed Church of Bulacan.  In the afternoon, Lord willing, we will attend the second worship service of the Berean Protestant Reformed Church in Quezon City, Manila.

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