* Youth Outing

The First Reformed Church of Bulacan organized a combined youth outing for this past Tuesday, December 21.  Young people from the FRCB, the Berean PRC, and the Christian Faith Ministry of Batasan Hills attended.  Three ministers also joined them.  The outing was at Eco Park in Quezon City - a little over an hour from here.

The Young People from the FRCB

Yes, they all squeezed "comfortably" into Kleyn's Toyota Revo

Our Merienda and Lunch Spot

Playing a Mixer Game

Taking a Walk and Throwing a Frisbee
(till it ended up in the water :-))

Working up an Appetite

Some more Exercise

"I think I can!"

Rev. Smit led Devotions and Singing before Lunch

John found his own store

Enjoying some Shade

"Push, Push, Push!"

"Grab the Rag" game

The youth and pastors had an enjoyable day together.  On the way home some were asking, "When is part two?"  We believe this was a good way for the young people to get to know each other, and thus also to promote fellowship between the churches here.

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