* Our Neighborhood - Part 1

Welcome to Beverly Hills Subdivision!  So nice of you to take a jeepney ride to see us!

Handy that the jeepney will drop you right at our subdivision gate.  From there it's only a few blocks walk.  Or you can take a tricycle if you want to.

They just recently redid the whole entrance area, so it's looking pretty spiffy!

You'll pass Smit's old house on your way up the main road.

Turn left on 3rd Ave., take it a few blocks down to Sunrise Dr. and you are almost to our house.
The white lion by our neighbor's (our landlady) gate is a good landmark. 
Our house is behind the green gate.

Home, Sweet Home

And now that you've had time to relax and have something cold to drink with us, let's go on a tour of the neighborhood.

We usually take this road on our early morning walks.  You can buy your phone cards or potato chips, if you're hungry, at the little corner store (sari-sari) on the left.

A little further down that same road we can take a walk up a track to the top of a grassy plateau.  From there we can get pretty nice views of the city.  There's even a rainbow this morning....

 And lots of smog!

In Michigan the snow takes over the roads in the winter.  Here the green growth takes over in the rainy season!  You can still get a car through though.

An unused track at the edge of the subdivision.  Of course my husband has to try it!

Next time you come we will show you some of the birds and flowers we see and also some of the different buildings.  We look forward to your next visit!

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  1. What a nice tour! Especially when it is subzero over here :)