* Inayauan: Reformed Free Church

Saturday morning after the conference Rev. Smit flew back home to Manila.  We were picked up at 9:00 by two men from the churches there and a driver they had hired to take us down to Inayauan.  The trip along the coast was beautiful, with the ocean to our right and the sugar cane fields and mountains to our left.

 The Sulu Sea

The sugar cane fields.  The plants can get 10-12 feet tall. 
They harvest twice a year by hand by cutting the plants at the base with a large knife (bolo).

We arrived in Inayauan around noon in time for lunch.  The Rosals fed us a delicious lunch of tuna (fresh from the sea) prepared several different ways;  grilled, raw in a salad, fried, and in a type of casserole.

Grilling the tuna steaks on the charcoal grill

Pastor and Mrs. Rosal are at the end of the table

After lunch they took us to their beach side property where we would be staying for the night.  We had a relaxing afternoon - visiting, napping, and wading in the ocean.  It was extremely hot and humid.

Peeling an Indian Mango.
They are crunchy, but have a good taste.  Sometimes they eat them with salt.

The beautiful coast

Trying coconut juice

Just before supper we all went for a swim in the ocean.  After supper (which was brought to us by the Rosals) and visiting, we when to bed in our nipa hut.

  We slept in the front one

Our bed

Our Sunday started at dawn.  It was still very humid and hot.  We kept hoping for rain, but it didn't come while we were there.  Our gracious hosts again fed us breakfast and brought us to church - The Reformed Free Church of Inayauan.

Preparing for preaching

Mrs. Rosal teaching the Sunday school children before church

Visiting before church

Rev. Kleyn led the adult Sunday school class.
Since it was Pentecost Sunday he spoke on Acts 2.
Then he preached on I Thessalonians 5:18 "In Everything Give Thanks."

After lunch our driver took us back to Bacolod where we stayed for the night.  Our plane left the next morning to take us back home.  We very much enjoyed the hospitality of the Rosals and meeting God's people there.

          Taken from Rosal's yard

The Rosal Family                     

May God bless the work done for the furtherance of His church and the glory of His name.


  1. I like the updates on your posts, Keep it up.

  2. Your posts makes us understand more of whom we are praying for and your work there - for HIS glory! Thanks for posting! We DO watch for them.
    Keep cool!

  3. How odd it must be for a missionary to came back and stand on the pulpit in his old church after doing this! We're thankful for all of you who put themselves out there for Christ's sake- it looks beautiful, rewarding, and very far from home!