* April 2010 Conference

The Conference Venue 

The Berean PRCP held their annual conference on April 29 and 30 this year.  Rev. Smit and Rev. Kleyn were the featured speakers.  Rev. Smit did four speeches on The Particular Grace of God.  Rev. Kleyn did four on Reformed Church Government.

Banner Advertising The Conference

We picked up several of the registered attendees on our way to the conference.  What is your guess at the number of Philipinos that can fit into a vehicle smaller than a mini van?!  You can count on the picture below and see how close your guess was.  P.S. Don't forget to count the photographer.

The Riders

Rev. Smit

Rev. Kleyn

There were aproximately 60 to 70 pastors, men, women and children from various groups and contacts attending the conference. 


The Berean ladies served the meriendas and lunches for both days.  The food was delicious.  The snack and lunch breaks gave us a time for fellowship and questions.

Plenty of seats outside

Notice Rev. Kleyn is on two chairs?
You'll have to ask him why sometime.  :-)

Food and Fellowship

RFPA Books on Display

Q&A Period

It was a profitable and enjoyable conference.  We look forward to the next one, Lord willing.


  1. Kevin wondered who the lucky driver was?

  2. Was Rev. Kleyn given the second chair for reinforcement after he broke one?

  3. My hubby was the driver, but I don't know if he was lucky. He just about had me on his lap and operating the gas pedal for him. :)

  4. How did you guess, Chad?? :)