* Staples of a Filipino Diet

Here are a few random pictures that relate to food.  No real point to them.  We just thought you might be interested.

Here's a good old farm truck with a rice-thresher on the back.  This is an important step in the processing of what is now becoming a staple in our diet.

As you can tell, there are many varieties of rice here in the Philippines.  Rice is not just rice!  By the way, if you'd like to make a conversion, approximately 45 pesos equal a US dollar.  We'll let you figure out the kilogram to pound conversion yourself. :-)

Here are some chickens ready for the market.

A fishing boat (bangka) heading out into the Pacific Ocean in search of a good catch.

Eggs heading to the market too.  Hope he doesn't crash!

Plenty of fish to choose from at the wet markets.  Bangus (on the right) is the national fish of the Philippines.  Filipinos eat a lot of fish.

Here's a sampling of the chicken that's available at the wet markets.  Chicken Adobo is a dish you should try, and one we've cooked quite often.  Want the recipe?

Pork is another popular meat here.  Many different cuts to choose from.

Wherever you go, you will come across a corner-store (sari-sari).  These sell a variety of snacky foods: candy, chips, drinks, etc.  There are a number of them in our neighborhood.

This is the oven in a Pan de Manila store.  These are a chain of bakeries, and they cook their bread (mostly buns) in a brick oven which is heated by a wood fire.  If you're ever here, you HAVE to try some pandesal.  Absolutely delicious!

Will end with a picture of the two of us.  As you can tell, we're happy, healthy, and enjoying the good foods here.


  1. you look great! You are missed greatly!
    With lots of love Kevin Leesa and family

  2. This sure brings back memories. Singapore 1988. Thanks for the post....

  3. Yeah, we would like the recipe! A new way to cook chicken is always good. A few hints for getting rice to turn out right everytime would be appreciated too. Thanks.
    You and the work there continues to be in our prayers.

  4. Thank you for all the blogs. Our family loves to read your updates and especially enjoys the pictures. We also love to try new recipes, so if you post the Chicken Adobo recipe, we will be sure to try it! You're always in our thoughts and prayers~ The Griesses