* Conference in Bacolod

On Thursday, May 20 we (Rev. Smit and Rev. and Sharon Kleyn) flew to Bacolod City on the island of Negros to do a conference there with various old and new contacts from that area.  The conference was held on Friday, May 21 and was an abbreviated version of the recent conference done in Manila.  Rev. Smit gave two lectures on Particular Grace and Rev. Kleyn gave two on Reformed Church Government. 

Our plane at Bacolod Airport.  Notice the beautiful countryside.

Sylvia Manor where we stayed and where the conference was held.

Meeting Thursday night with the organizing committee
to discuss the details of the conference.

The banner on the front of the hotel advertising the conference.

Rev. Smit giving one of his lectures.

The audience.

There were 88 in attendance.  Most of the attendees came from the island of Negros which is located in the central part of the Philippines.  Others came from the island of Guimaras to the west and from the island of Cebu to the east.

Question and Answer Period

Discussion at the end of the day.

The conference was worthwhile and enjoyable.  It gave the missionaries the opportunity to renew old contacts and meet new ones, and to become aware of the situation and possibilities of work in the Bacolod area.  We wait on the Lord to see how He uses the work done and what doors He might open in the future.

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