* Mangoes Anyone?

We have a big mango tree in our back yard.  For a while now the mangoes have been falling from the tree, hitting the roof of the house with explosive bangs and then hitting the ground, only to go to waste because they are split open and bruised.  We were just going to inquire about hiring someone to harvest them when our landlady sent a couple guys over to do it for us (for a nominal fee).  Here are some pictures and the results of their work.

The Tree

The Mangoes

Some of the wasted ones.  :~(

To pick the mangoes one of the men climbed the tree with a long pole that had a net on the end.  He would sit in different parts of the tree and reach what he could, drop them into the basket he had with him, and then lower the basket when it was full to the ground by the attached rope.

Reaching for some

Got 'em!  (See them in the net?)

The Fruits of the Harvest

As you can see there are too many for us!  We brought some to Bible Study to give away.  And we have been feasting on melt-in-your mouth sweetness every day.  Yum! Yum!


  1. Waaah! So delicious looking! To think I have to pay $2 for a miserable mango here that doesn't even taste like mango!! That tree of yours must be enormous to give such good harvest. Time to get creative with mangoes :-)
    mango pudding...mango bread...mango cake...mango ice cream...mango triffle...mango pie...mango tart...mango chicken......

  2. Rev., why don't you pick them?

  3. Mainly because this young man was an expert, but perhaps a fear of heights has something to do with it too. It's a long ways up!

  4. You can ship them next day air to us! ;)

  5. Happy Labor Day!! How long are mangos in season?

  6. Someone said we would get them til June.