* Travels To Gabaldon

We thought we would have seen it all by now, but here are some new sights from our trip this past weekend to Gabaldon (where Rev. Kleyn preaches and teaches once, and sometimes twice, a month).  Notice how dry the countryside is.  We haven't had rain to speak of since we moved 4 months ago.  Another month or so to go before we are out of the dry season.  And yes, it's as hot as it looks, too!

Mt. Arayat (not Ararat!)

A Dry Riverbed

Just Enough Water for Laundry and a Dip

A Good Sized Load

One Of Our Pit Stops

"Fill 'er Up"

Nipa Hut - What a Beautiful Spot!

Bro. Lando & Sis. Liwanag, Dan, Jiro, Princess
(Lunch and Fellowship at the Evangelista's Home)

Melonie, Princess, Abigail

Bro. Rustico and Bro. Lando with .... (There are giants in the land!)
Discussing the April Conference, in Manila on April 29 & 30

Ready for Harvest

Threshing the Rice

Drying it on the Roads
(Like the old toilet guarding it?)

Rice, Rice, and more Rice

Time to Bag It Again

Ready to Haul

Flock of Sheep

Crabs for Sale

Some Boys along the Roadside


Traveling to Market

A Loaded Tricycle
(Is there room for a few more?)

Other Side of the Same Trike

Lunch Break (for the horses too)

The Rice is Dry - Heading Home

The Day's Work is Done

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  1. Sharon,
    What ARE those stuffs on the loaded trike (the one above the Mc Donald picture)???
    Isn't weird that Big M is just about everywhere?!!! At least you won't miss an authentic burger. Good place to stop for a decent bathroom too. We call them McLoos ;-)

    Love that picture of the loaded tricycle with all those baskets. How can anyone even make a right turn on one of those???