* Miscellaneous Pictures 1

Beautiful countryside near Gabaldon

Some of the children in Gabaldon (Rochelle, Jose, Diana) waving good-bye

Clouds on our recent flight to Bacolod City, Negros

Christian Faith Ministry in Batasan Hills

A family going to church on a Sunday morning

Some pigs getting a ride to market

Maaaaa!  There are a lot of goats here.

Taffic.  Traffic.  Traffic.

A traffic hold-up.
 Someone was burning in their field next to the freeway.
The wind shifted, the smoke lifted, and we could continue.

A friendly farmer

Oops!  Happily it didn't seem like anyone was badly hurt.

The "golden shower" tree by our front gate

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  1. Great pics! I like the Gabaldon countryside and the cloud ones.