* Singapore - CERC visit

We just returned from an eleven day visit to the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church in Singapore.  With the approval of our calling church and the FMC, we traveled there so that Rev. Kleyn could speak at their annual church camp and preach for two Sundays.  We enjoyed our time very much.  It was a joy to visit with and get to know our fellow saints there in CERC.

We stayed at the YWCA over the weekends. During the week, we were at the church camp, which was held in Malaysia.

CERC has its own church building now. It's beautifully finished off, and includes a library, classrooms, kitchen, etc. After 22 years, they're very happy finally to have their own place of worship.

Pastor Paul Goh and his wife, Suet Yin.
(Not at their worship place though - we forgot to get a picture of that)

One of our first experiences on our first day was a visit to a "Fish Foot Spa." It felt like the small, toothless fish called Garra Ruffa (or more commonly, Doctor Fish) were nibbling away at us as they sucked off our dry and dead skin. As you can tell, it's difficult to keep from laughing at first, and can also be a struggle to keep your feet in the water.  

"Doctor Fish" sucking away at our feet

On our first day we were also taken around by Felix and Angela.  We visited a Chinese temple, and were reminded in a most striking way of the blindness of unbelief.  Also of the wonder of God's grace in delivering us from such idolatry.

Outside the Chinese Temple
(A Chinese Funeral was being prepared in the Tent in the Foreground)

The Entrance to a Hindu Temple

We were also treated to many of the local foods.

Eating Dim Sum
(We also had barbecued chicken feet.  Just one of us tried them.  Guess who didn't?)

A meal at a Hawker's Center with Peng-Lan, Daisy, and Kah Pik
(The most interesting part of this meal was sting-ray.)

A New Hotel near down-town Singapore (notice the ship shape on top)

The Merlion - A Singapore Symbol
(It's the combination of a fish and lion - the fish for obvious reasons, and the lion because one of the first men to discover Singapore saw a lion there.)

Here are some of the families and members we visited with while there.  Always good times of fellowship together, and often we were introduced to a new dish or two.  Enjoyed that too.

Robert & Grace, Roy & Florence

Visiting on Sunday evening at the home of Daniel & Eunice Ong, Christine, Lisa, Julia.  Also Jonah Chua.

We strolled along a boardwalk on the east coast of Singapore with the Lim family.
(Aaron plans to move to Grand Rapids soon to study, the Lord willing.)

"Steamboat" for supper
(The fish on the plate was placed in the cooking pot and freshly cooked prior to eating.)

Our 2nd Sunday Evening

We had supper on our 2nd Sunday evening at the Chan's home (Felix, Angela, Isaac, Iva, Isa), along with Elder Fai Chong and two of his children (Claudia, Boaz), and also Elder Kong Wee and his family (his wife Dorcas is a daughter of Fai Chong).

Next time, Lord willing, the CERC church camp which was held in Malaysia.

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Lovely to meet you in Singapore. Hope you can come again!

    By the way, did anyone tell you that that "New Hotel near down-town Singapore" is actually Marina Bay Sands, the so-called integrated resort which term is actually a cloak for a Casino? That "ship shape design on top" of the building has been so design under the advice and counsel of "Fengshui master"...

    - Ming