* CERC Family Camp

The annual family camp of the Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church In Singapore was held this year from Monday, June 14 - Friday, June 18 at the Awana Genting Highlands Resort in Malaysia. Two buses were rented for the 9 hour trip (including customs) and some also took their cars (travel time was shorter by car).

              The bus ride to the camp

                          The Awana Genting Highlands Resort

About 120 registered for the camp this year. 

Our camp shirts reflecting the theme

As you know Rev. Kleyn was asked to speak at the camp.   He gave 5 speeches on the theme: "We Are One" based on Ephesians 4.

Besides the speeches, there was still plenty of time for fun.  We were divided into teams for the week and had a lot of good spirited competition.

Human Foosball

Captain's Ball
Each team had to get the ball to its goal keeper (the person standing on the chair on the far end)

Pastor Paul Goh, minister of CERC, led devotions every morning at 7:15.


The times of fellowship were a wonderful way to get to know the saints there.

Visiting with Foong Ngee and Suet Yin (pastors' wives)

Pastor Goh and Suet Yin
Jun and Ella Trinidad, a Filipino couple living in Singapore and attending CERC.

Other activities included a cable car ride, a campfire night with presentations done by the various groups, etc.

       The cable car ride up the mountain

        Singing at one of the speeches

                 Campfire night

We left Singapore on Monday morning, June 21.  Some came to the airport to see us off and Pastor Goh  read the Bible and prayed.  We pray the Lord's blessing on his people there.  May the cause of His kingdom go forward in that land as well as in the Philippines.

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  1. The human foosball game and cable car look like fun!