* Smits' Furlough 2013

This morning (June 4) we brought the Smit family to the Manila airport for the start of their 2013 furlough to Nth America.  Each of our two missionary families takes a six week furlough every 2nd year, in order to promote our work through presentations (Rev. Smit plans to do 7 of these), to attend synod, to preach in some of our churches, and to spend some time with family and friends.
All smiles at 4:00 a.m., as they bid farewell to Duke!

Away we go to the airport.

Time to unload.  Make sure you have your backpack!

The first of many line-ups at the airport - this one for security.

We're thankful for the opportunities to have these furloughs and to promote the work.  We're also glad the Smits can spend this time among you in the USA and Canada.  May God keep them safe as they travel, and may He also return them safely here again in mid-July, Lord willing.


  1. Thank You Rev. Klein and Sharon, for the pictures of the beginning of The Smit's furlough.
    William and Nancy Smit.

  2. I have been thinking of them often the last few days - so I was so thankful for your pictures this morning. Although for us they already left Mid - Monday. The Lord Willing I will be able to see Tricia in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately not Rev. since he will be here. :-( Again thanks for sharing! Dawn Howerzyl