* Odds and Ends of This and That

Visiting at Provident Christian Church in Marikina after the worship services.  A few Smits came along that day, while the rest of their family went to Gabaldon.

The Ibes and Smits came for coffee one morning ....


Two little boys had fun playing and looking for bugs together.
Our well-stocked "bookstore" shelves.

Skateboarders getting help for the uphill.
Can anyone guess what this is? 

The Smits are over to play some games.


Shopping for brooms at the market.

The family that runs this stall is Christian.  Notice the man studying his Bible.
There are often beautiful skies this time of year.  Thunderheads building up to drop their moisture on us. 


  1. Are the hanging objects intestines?

  2. Yes Chad, I believe you are correct.

  3. Rev. Kleyn, the hanging objects are intestines of pig ^_^
    That's called "Isaw" when cooked. It is street food, and not good for our health ^_^
    If it is Isaw.

  4. Thanks Gennie, We thought they were maybe intestines, but weren't sure which animal. Now we know. :)

  5. Thanks for the images of the Philippines. Maybe the pythons should eat the lsaw and leave the chickens alone! God's blessings on your work, Rev. Kleyn and Sharon. Your love for the saints there is evident.

  6. I was definitely going with "fake wigs for female blonds", until I cheated and read the comments. Although, the way some Americans dress for the public, there might not be a whole lot of difference. Bruce Koole. Loveland, CO