* Wildlife in the Philippines

Recently my husband was on Taktak road near our house.  He saw a group of people crowded around a truck parked on the road, so stopped to check out what was going on.  Here are the pictures!

This snake, some kind of python, had just eaten someone's chicken.
I can totally relate to the look on this guy's face. :-)

Tying a string around the snake's mouth - a good safety measure.

And into the bag he goes!  Not sure what they did with him after that.

We were recently down in Southern Negros and walked by the market there. 

Tuna fish anyone? 
They offered to cut a piece off the tail end and sell it to us (you can see there were previous buyers) but we had no way to get it home. 


  1. Definitely wear gloves when handling any snake. They have very smelly skin. Even the garter snakes here in Colorado have a very bad odor. - Bruce Koole: Loveland, CO