* Conference in Southern Negros Occidental

This past week Monday through Wednesday (May 20-22), Rev. Kleyn and Rev. Smit traveled to Southern Negros Occidental for their monthly classes (SNO) with the group of pastors there.  However this month they stayed an extra day and delivered the same conference speeches on God's Sovereignty that they gave here in Manila last month.  Although the SNO classes are held in Sipalay, the conference was held in a church in Hinoba-an, a town a few miles south of Sipalay.  Pastor Jonathon Barroca, who attends SNO, is the pastor of that church.
Entering the town
The church where the conference was held on Tuesday
Rev. Smit beginning the conference
The audience - 12 pastors and 1 elder and 1 member attended.
The pastors we are working with also asked friends and acquaintances from the area
to attend the conference.
Snack time
(For those who get this in your email, you will have to go to the blog itself to see the video.)
Time for fellowship
The ladies and young people who helped with the food
Lunch time.  The two silver bowls are fish (boiled) the two other dishes are lechon baboy or roasted pig.  This is a famous Filipino dish, where the whole pig is roasted over an open fire.  Rev. Kleyn said it was delicious.
The attendees were given a free copy of Rev. Smit's new book, "The Fruit of the Spirit of Jesus Christ."
More fellowship
Group picture
Pastor Rosal ready to head home for the day
The SNO classes were held Monday evening and Wednesday morning.   These are the classes that are held once every month.  Rev. Smit teaches Dogmatics, and Rev. Kleyn provides instruction in Reformed Church Government.  The men pictured above are as follows: Front: Bro. Alfredo Ladeca, Pastor Ariel Labrador, Pastor Jonathon Barroca, Pastor Rodolfo de la Cruz.  Middle: Pastor Ezequias Rosal, Pastor Eduardo Donasco, Pastor Michael Mayang.
Once again some literature was sold and God's word was spread to more contacts.  Pray that God will use the work for His purposes.

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  1. wish I had known beforehand for specific prayer but I feel sure God will have blessed it. Could you identify the pastors on one of the pics?