* Election Campaigning

May 13 is Election Day for the Senators and Representatives.  There is a lot of campaigning going on - posters, tv ads, speeches and rallies.  Another unique way of campaigning is with vehicles sporting banners and often very large speakers which play the campaign song of that particular politician.  A couple of Sundays ago, when we were in the First Reformed Church of Bulacan, many of these campaign vehicles were going past on the street outside the church.  A few times Rev. Kleyn had to pause in his preaching because of the noise.  Thankfully though, most of the vehicles went past while we were eating lunch.  We were told the vehicles were heading to a rally at a nearby school where there would be a lot of handouts and speeches given.  Here's a short video we shot.
The other day on the way to Faith Academy to pick up the Smit children from school we videoed the vehicle we were following.
Next Monday is election day.  After that everything will hopefully be quieter and return to normal for another three years!

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