* Gabaldon Trip - part 1

You are invited to take a trip to Gabaldon with us!  We will leave about 1:00 or 2:00 PM Saturday.  If we leave at that time then we arrive in Cabanatuan at about supper time.  We can stop for supper at the mall and then have just a short evening in the hotel.  So we have our bags packed, Daniel has his work and outlines ready, and we head out about 1:30.  First we drive through Manila traffic.

We are on the EDSA.  Someone here joked to us those letters
 stand for "Every Day Stuck Again!"

From the EDSA we head north on the NLEX - North Luzon Expressway - a new fast tollway that cuts quite a bit of time off our trip.  No, we aren't in Chicago!  (The billboards are too big. :-))

Toll Booth

Oops, we missed getting a picture of the sign that says, "Prohibited: Slow moving vehicles, Smoke belchers, Dilapidated vehicles, Motorbikes smaller than 400cc..."   We cruise along the NLEX for an hour or so, and then have another smooth, fast, 20 minute ride east on the SCTEX - Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway.

The expressay is one of the few places we see speed limit signs.
That's kilometers per hour, not miles per hour!
The rest of our trip is along two lane highways, through farming country and various towns.  We see a lot of people working in the rice fields.  It looks like they are pulling seedlings out of tightly grown patches, so they can be replanted farther apart.

5:30 AM Sunday morning and time to wake up!  We head off at about 7:00 AM for worship in Gabaldon.  The drive takes about an hour and we will enjoy some quiet pastoral scenary along the way.

Mama Carabao and calf
The lush growth of the rainy season makes the mountains feel closer.

We drive through the streets of Gabaldon to get to church.

The Church Building

Thanks for coming with us on our trip!  Next time we will tell you about our day of worship and fellowship there.


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  1. I like the format you chose for this blog post! It somehow makes it more meaningful to imagine yourself going along for the trip. We always enjoy reading your posts, although we usually just read them via the email rather than actually coming to your blog site. We are praying that God will grant continued wisdom, grace and strength to you in your work as well as the joy of seeing fruits on your labors.
    Dan and Lori Pastoor