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The men have started a Metro Manila Ministers' Monthly Monday Meeting (6M).  (You can tell they had fun with that one. :-))  They had their initial meeting with two pastors and an aspiring student this past Monday, August 23.  They decided meeting times and the direction they wanted to take.  They will meet to study Dogmatics twice a month (every other Monday) in the church building of Christian Faith Ministries in Batasan Hills (where Pastor Andres is minister).

Pastor Oseas Andres and Pastor John Flores

Taking turns on their respective Mondays, for now Rev. Smit will teach Introduction to Dogmatics and then Anthropology, and Rev. Kleyn will teach Theology.  This is with a view to these men sitting an examination in the future sometime.  We pray that it may be God's will to so bless the work that these men and their congregations can join with the Berean PRC in establishing a denomination here in the Philippines.

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