* Daranak Falls

This past week was a vacation week for us.  We just did a couple of day outings, and then also got some things down around home.  One of the outings was to Danarak Falls only about an hour's drive from here.  We took along Beth Hunter and three of the Smit children - John, Jay, and Irene.

Crossing the river to get to the falls

This big tree must have fallen here.  They left it as a place to jump from into the river below.  Too bad we didn't bring our swim suits.  We didn't realize you could swim here.

See the tree sticking out over the river?

A second falls further up the path

There was even a "playground" there with a balance beam and a swing.

Just to let you know, he didn't go all the way across - chickened out!

Yes, the "little" kids had a chance to play on the swing too. :-)


  1. Looks like a great place for hiking trails!

  2. Thanks for continuing to send pictures ~ we love to look at them! The falls are beautiful! Looks like all the 'kids' had a fun time! :-)