* Gabaldon Trip - part 2

Today you get to fellowship and worship with us in the All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon.

We haven't been to Gabaldon for three months (Sem. Vernon Ibe went 3 times during his time here) so it is good to see the people again.  The children are starting to warm up to us.  Little Jose and Diana were standing next to me before church.  Diana would reach out to me with one finger and touch my arm.  I wonder if she was trying to figure out my lighter skin?  They also told Daniel about the difference between his nose and theirs - his is so big!  ;^)

Diana (4) and Jose (5)

"What are you doing?  May we see?"

Catechism with the children starts at 8:30 AM.  We get to sit and listen while Daniel teaches them about Lot pitching his tent toward Sodom.  You might have a hard time with some of the Tagalog words he uses!

After catechism the adults and children settle into the church service.  We sing in English, but the reading of the law and the prayer are in Tagalog.  The sermon this morning is on "The Nearness of the End" from I Peter 4:7.  Good thing we all have copies of the English and Tagalog.  The people then can understand when he reads the Tagalog (pronunciation isn't perfect....yet!) and we can read the English.  The doxology is on the bulletin.  We sing the English first and then the Tagalog.  Now your mind is probably whirling with all the foreign sounds and words.  But even if we didn't fully understand, it was a thrill to sing and hear God's truth in another language.  A real "see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears" evidence of God's church gathered from every tongue and nation under heaven!

Some of the catechism children

The group gathered for worship

After church is over, we have a short break.  Then we have a class on the Heidelberg Catechism.  Today is Lord's Day 7 on true faith.  You will understand everything said by Rev. Kleyn here, as it's all in English.  (Whew!)  A few of the people know English quite well, some understand it but don't speak it very easily, some never had the opportunity to learn it.  After the class there is time for fellowship and lunch.  Enjoy!

A good Filipino meal - Fish, beans (with a fish paste), chop suey, and rice

The dogs are hungry too!

Princess enjoying one of the oranges we brought.

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