* First Reformed Church of Bulacan

Recently we started visiting the First Reformed Church of Bulacan two Sundays a month, instead of one.  This congregation is interested in joining with the Berean Protestant Reformed Church.  In light of their desire and this goal, we are going there more often (at their request) for more regular preaching and teaching, which includes a study of the Church Order of Dordt.

We leave home at about 7:00 AM in order to arrive in time for the 9:00 worship service.  The group was recently given Psalters and so are learning some more tunes.  (They also use a book that has thirty or so Psalter numbers in their own language.)

Learning a new tune before church.
(These men go over the tune first a few times and then one of them leads the congregation in practicing it before church starts.  We also sing the song in the worship service that day.)

On the first Sunday of the month we have two sermons; one on a passage of Scripture (Rev. Kleyn is doing a series on worship), and one on the Heidelberg Catechism.  After a break for lunch and fellowship, Rev. Kleyn teaches the class on the Church Order, and then also leads the young people in their meeting.  The third Sunday follows a similar schedule, except there is only one sermon (on the Heidelberg Catechism).  On this Sunday, the congregation holds their second service at their normal 5:00 PM time after we are gone.

The Church Order class. 
(Nice that some of the young men attend too.)

Church Order class on a different Sunday. 

We either have lunch in the church with all the ladies contributing food,  or we are asked to one of the homes of the members.  We have enjoyed their hospitality immensely. 

Entering Deacon Lito's home.
(August 23)

Eating lunch served by Sister Beth.

Lunch at Deacon Reden's place.
(September 19)

Visiting with the ladies.

Walking back to church with Pastor Flores' wife, Roseanne, after lunch.

Young People's meeting.
(There are some girls too.  They must not have arrived yet.)

We usually arrive back home again on these Sundays at about 5:30 PM.

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