* World War II History

USA and Philippine Flags

The American citizen can enjoy some of his country's history here in the Philippines.  Most of the history is from World War II.  These monuments and markers are reminders of the suffering and imprisonment American soldiers endured after the surrender to the Japanese on April 9, 1942.

Death March Marker in Clark

Death March Monument in Capas

A Close Up

The first Japanese Kamikaze sortie took off from the site below on October 21, 1944.  By the time of the last sortie on January 6, 1945, 322 U.S. Navy vessels were sunk or heavily damaged, over 12,000 American sailors were killed, and 36,000 Americans seriously wounded by the suicide pilots.

Located just outside Clark

Kamikaze Airfield Monument

Japanese Tunnel/Bunker at the Kamikaze Airfield

When we arrived at the prison camp site below, a grounds keeper gave us a sheet with a map of the original camp and some of the history of the place.  Late in 1942, 6000 American soldiers (some of them survivors of the death march) were interred here along with many Filipino POWs.  Within a few months, 3000 Americans had died from executions, disease, beatings and starvation.  Later 2000 were transferred to Japan.  On January 30, 1945 American Rangers released the remaining 500 POW's by penetrating 27 miles into hostile territory.

Cabanatuan Prison Camp Site

"Old Glory"

Supports for the Prison Camp's Water Tower
(the only thing left from the original prison camp)

Memorial Wall for those Who Died Here

An Overview of the Memorial
Sometime soon we hope to tell you a little about another significant WWII site, the Island of Corregidor.


  1. Sobering pictures, and a sobering tour for you I am sure. War is a terrible thing.

  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the information and updates.

    the kuipers

  3. I've always found the Philippines' role in WW2 interesting. I especially like the story of MacArthur promising in 1942, "I said, to the people of the Philippines whence I came, I shall return" and then 2 years later, when he did return, stating, "I have returned. By the grace of Almighty God, our forces stand again on Philippine soil."