* Berean PRCP

Our Sunday schedule is a varied one.  Every Sunday of the month is different.  Sunday #1: First Reformed Church in Bulacan; Sunday #2: All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon; Sunday #3: Christian Faith Ministry in Batasan Hills; Sunday #4: Berean Protestant Reformed Church in the Philippines; Sunday #5 (if there is one): All of Grace Protestant Reformed Fellowship in Gabaldon.

Signs of the BPRCP

This past Sunday we were in the Berean Protestant Reformed Church.  Their services are at 1:00 and 3:30 PM.  The two missionaries, Rev. Smit and Rev. Kleyn, usually each preach once on this Sunday.  At the moment Rev. Kleyn is working through a series on the 7 letters to the churches in Asia Minor, as recorded in Revelation 2-3.

(taken during a presentation to visitors)

So that no one gets too hungry, crackers/cookies and coffee are served between services.  On special occasions and when visitors are present, we often have a special "merienda" (snack).  Then we get to enjoy pansit (a common noodle dish), spaghetti, a cake, and other goodies.  This provides a good time for fellowship as well.

Serving the Merienda

Enjoying the Merienda

Some of the YP and YA

More Fellowship

Also between services, Rev. Smit teaches a catechism class - the children one week and the young people the next.  The Bereans rent one room, so the congregation sits in the back and visits quietly, or else listens in on the class.  Or a combination of both.

Rev. Smit Teaching Catechism (Essentials)

Finally, a few more shots of the BPRCP.

Congregational Meeting

Consistory Members, with Rev.'s Smit & Kleyn

Berean PRC
(along with quite a few visitors)


  1. I'm jealous of how often you get to eat with the others at church. We could use a few more potlucks at Holland, but I guess I can't complain since we had a pancake breakfast last week and an ice cream social this week.

  2. Matthew & Stephanie MedemaApril 7, 2010 at 11:11 AM

    God's blessings to you all of you, especially to the Smit's and Kleyn's. May God's people continue to be gathered from every end of the world and may His Church be built up in His Word.