* Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island is strategically located in the entrance to Manila Bay, and was crucial to the defense of the Philippines in World War II.  When you visit this beautiful island today, it's hard to imagine the terrible destruction and death faced here during WWII.  But the reality of this hits home when you see the ruins and hear the accounts and stories of battles and bravery on this island.  We had the opportunity to visit it about a week ago when Sharon's parents and Aunt Elaine were here.  A very worthwhile visit.  But at the same time rather sobering as you hear of and see the awful effects of war.

Statue of Gen. Douglas McArthur - with his promise to return
[Notice in the background the proximity of the Bataan Peninsula]

                           Battery Hearn
[That's a bomb crater on the other side of the gun]

Battery Way
[Front gun on right was the last to fire from Corregidor]

                                         Look who's down the Barrel!

       Ruins of Mile-long Barracks on Topside
[Barracks was 1/3 of a mile long, and 3 floors high,
                            thus the name]

More Bombed-out Ruins

                               And More Still

 Memorial to the Parachutists - Depicting a Parachute
[They led the reconquest of the island from the Japanese]

Memorial under the Dome
[The sun shines through the dome directly onto this memorial
at exactly noon on May 6, the day Corregidor fell to the Japanese]

                                    Overview of the Pacific War Memorial

                       Malinta Tunnel
[McArthur's Headquarters, the Hospital, etc.]

The Main Tunnel
[Rebuilt - Japanese blew themselves up inside it rather than surrender]

                                One of the many Laterals inside Malinta Tunnel

Memorial to General Jonathan Wainwright
[The unsung hero of Corregidor]

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  1. Great pictures and descriptions! You even included MacArthur which I referenced on your previous post.