* Vehicles and Transportation

Just a quick update to give you an idea of some of the vehicles and different modes of transportation we see when we're out and about.  Quite a variety, as you can see, starting with the well-known jeepney!

A Typical Colorful Jeepney

Tricycles in Antipolo City

Family Transportation

Heading Home From The Store

A Ride in the Sun

Room For Plenty Passengers

Rototiller Doubling As Vehicle Power

Heading Out To Thresh Rice

Coconut Transport

A Loaded Jeepney

Another Full Load

A "Cattle Truck"


  1. Those are awesome! I can't believe some of those "vehicles"! I loved "heading home from the store"
    God Bless

  2. Cool Jeepney!!!!


  3. To think that we have all these seat belt laws and max passenger capacity laws etc laws, and there you have Philippinoes standing, sitting, barely hanging on to a pole, riding with seemingly effortless acrobatic skills!! Do you often hear about traffic accidents?


  4. Unbelievable!! Possibly the people there have never heard of seatbelts? We would never get away with that here!
    We enjoy your updates, thanks for keeping us informed. May God be pleased to use your work there for the good of His Church.