* Visit to PRFA in Leyte (3)

Part of the experience of traveling to the province is trying all the different kinds of food!  And Rev. Kleyn thoroughly enjoys this.  The town of Albuera, Leyte is close to the sea, so take note of the many seafood dishes.

Squid (pusit)

Squid rings (calamares)

Chicken (manok) with a tomato sauce and veggies (mga gulay)
This dish was a little spicy (medyo maanghang)

Fish (mga isda) - for breakfast and supper

Huge bunch of bananas on a banana tree (mga saging)
(Did you know that each banana tree only produces one bunch of bananas,
and must then be cut down?)

Pineapple on its plant (pinya).

Shrimp (mga hipon) and spring rolls (mga lumpia)

Barbecued pork (baboy)

A special treat cooked over the fire.

Chicken (manok) roasted to a golden brown
Super tender and super delicious!

A feast fit for a king.  :-)

A number of pounds were gained!

Stay tuned for another installment.

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