* PRCP Youth Camp 2017 (2)

Thursday was another busy day for the campers.

Rev. Holstege leads in morning devotions

Bro. Andy Ragual, a camp leader

Staff meeting

Some of the men visiting together

Bro. Edgar in the process of printing the camp shirts

More team games were played on Thursday as well.

One member of each team had to recite Psalm 23 ...

... and another team member had to recite Lord's Day 1.

Using the newspaper, each team had to become a wheel

The second speech was given by Rev. Trinidad on "Youth and Money."

The ladies served another delicious lunch.

Discussion time took place after Rev. Trinidad's speech.

And then more games.

Picking up stones with chopsticks and then carrying them back to your team is not easy!

Breaking a hanging pot while blind-folded

Rev. Holstege was in charge of a puzzle game

Getting across the room with the whole team standing only on these boards

The team had to protect its "tail" from being snatched
The tail (a towel) was attached to the member at the end of the line

A picture of the camp  
The building held the girl's dorm on the top floor and the speech venue on the main floor

Sunset over the beautiful scenery around the camp

Thursday evening the third and final speech was given.

Rev. Ibe spoke on "Youth and Society."

The discussion time was held around the campfire.

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