* PRCP Youth Camp 2017 (1)

The Youth of the Protestant Reformed Churches in the Philippines were able, in God's providence, to hold a camp this year, April 12-14 in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

The banner that was made for the camp

First Rev. Holstege and Rev. Kleyn drove to Provident Christian Church in Marikina
to pick up some youth there for transportation to the camp.

Car loaded with luggage and bedding

Rev. Holstege leading the young people in devotions before departing

Packed into the car (Rev. Holstege is in the pic too!)

The road train - 3 vehicles to transport the youth and their things

Registration table at the camp
(Sis Ghen and Sis Grace)

Then Rev. Kleyn made a run to the PRC in Bulacan to pick up more people
and some of the food for the camp.

Some of the PRCB youth waiting across from the church

The ladies from Bulacan were in charge of the food. 
These are some of the supplies for the first day.

The three lady cooks and some of the young people

Lunch looks delicious - lumpia and pancit and rice

Bro Lito Trias, one of the camp leaders

The inside and outside of the guys' dorm (girls dorm was similar)

After everyone had arrived there was time for the organization of the teams and some games.

To find your fellow team mates, everyone was blind folded and given an animal sound to make.  Others making the same sound as you were on your team!

After all found their teams it was time for some games.

The first game was building towers out of straws. 
Tallest standing tower won!

Measuring which is tallest

Next, each team had to design and draw a team flag reflecting the theme of the camp,
"Love Not the World"

Working on their flag design

The winning flag

The Staff
Bro. Andy and Bro. Lito (Camp Leaders), Rev. Ibe, Rev. Flores, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Holstege, Bro Edgar.  (missing for pic: Rev. Trinidad)

Wednesday night the first speech was given with discussion groups following.

Gathered for the speech

Rev. Flores spoke on "Youth And Technology"

Supper on Wednesday night (the first night)

[More to come]

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