* Visit to Singapore

Last week Rev. Kleyn and I traveled to Singapore.  The purpose of the trip was two-fold: speak at Covenant Evangelical Reformed Church's Reformation Day Conference and install Rev. Lanning as minister of the Word in CERC. 

Besides these two purposes there were some side benefits as well.  We were able to renew our acquaintance with many of the members of CERC and even meet some we hadn't met before.  And we were able to catch up with the three men from Hope PRC in Michigan who were stopping in Singapore on their way to visiting the evangelism outreach in Yangoon, Myanmar.

The theme of the Reformation Day Conference was The Reformation and the Development of the Truth.  The three speeches were as follows: 1) Restoration of the Truth at the time of the Reformation, 2) Furtherance of the Truth, and 3) The Price Paid for the Truth.

Rev. Kleyn speaking at the Reformation Day Conference Friday night and Saturday.

Some discussion in between speeches

Books for sale!

Sunday morning, Rev. Kleyn installed Rev. Lanning as pastor of CERC.
Sunday night: Rev. Lanning preached his first sermon as pastor (no longer minister-on-loan) of CERC.

Sunday lunch at church

The view from the top of the building the church is in

The young people cooked supper/dinner for the visitors and others after church in the evening.

The young people also organized some games for us.  The three teams were 1) the three men from Michigan 2) the Kleyns and 3) the Lannings.

The men from Michigan picked the category of Pictionary.
This was "Vanity of vanities".  It just so happens that John builds vanities (of a different kind) for his work.

The Kleyns were next and picked Charades.
I'm not sure what this was supposed to be anymore!

Lannings weren't left with too many choices so did their best with the Singapore Slang.
They had to pick the right answer and then say it with the right emphasis and intonation.
I think they got most of them right, although the Singaporeans were doing a lot of laughing!  :-)

The last category - a math essay question - went to one person from each team. 
I'm afraid the Americans didn't do so well with this one! 
(I think Rev. Kleyn is hoping for help from the audience.  :-))
They were given only 4 minutes to solve it, though, and they all did have a good start at it.

Then a farewell shot....

...and a parting Psalm (Psalm 121, the travelers Psalm).

 "The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore."

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