* Visit from the Lannings

This past week we've had the privilege of having the Lanning family from Singapore come to visit us.  They were able to meet several of the groups here, have some good cultural experiences, and also to spend some time with the Smit and Kleyn families.

The Three Rev's.

 The Three Ladies.

Thursday night some of them came with us to Provident Christian Church for the weekly Essentials class that Rev. Kleyn teaches there.

 The children were very excited to have a trike ride, so we drove into Antipolo and took a couple short trips on the trikes.  With all of us, we needed a total of three trikes.

Roy and Florence Tan and their daughter, Elena, from Singapore were also able to join us for a couple of our outings.
Supper at Smits' home.

On Sunday Rev. Kleyn was preaching in Singapore, but Rev. Lanning was able to preach once for the PRC in Bulacan and once for the Berean PRC.  Here we are in Bulacan.  (Sorry, I wasn't able to get a picture in the Bereans.)

Consistory of PRC in Bulacan.

Farewell supper at the Kleyn's on Thursday night.
Group shot.
The real group shot.

The Lannings enjoyed meeting the saints here and the fellowship with them.  And we were all encouraged in the work in the various places God has called us in His church here in Southeast Asia.


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