* Gabaldon Weekend: (4) Sleeping Accommodations and Sunday Activities

After our enjoyable Psalter singing it's time to retire for the night.  So let's head off to our hotel. 

There it is folks!
(Brother Lando did kindly offer us a room in their house, but we wanted to try this out.)

Sorry.  We'd love to put you up, but there isn't room!
Enjoying the cool night breeze. We were glad there were no mosquitoes.
After our night of sleep (yes, we did sleep!) we were ready to go the next morning.  Sis Liwanag kindly supplied our breakfast.

Breakfast in the "sunroom."

Preparing for preaching in the "study."

Our shower.....
and sink. 
(That's the bathroom behind him.)

Almost ready for catechism.
And I wanted you to get a taste of our dessert that day - buko salad. (Remember the young coconuts?)  The white strips are the buko.  The dessert is served cold and is quite refreshing.

On our drive home we enjoyed the beautiful sky.  I can't help but think of the song:
"The heavens are telling the glory of God,The wonder of His work displays the firmament."
What a marvelous God we serve!


  1. That final photo of the sky and countryside is amazing.

  2. I agree! It's BEAUTIFUL! :D

    Thanks for taking us on a tour of Gabaldon, and sharing some of your work (and fun ;) ) with us. Remembering you all in our prayers as you labour for the Kingdom of God.

    - Cheryl, daughter of Colin and Kim Lim, CERCS.