* Gabaldon Weekend: (3) Saturday Night Relaxation and Fellowship

Abegail wants to show us her house which is just around the corner from the church.  We'll also be able to meet her family and visit with them for a while.

In front of Abegail's house with her mother.

Their beautiful lawn and garden
Sit and visit with us a while outside under the bahay kubo where you can feel the cooling breeze.

Bro Lando and Abegail's father
The younger children want to give us a tour of their town and show us their school.  So come along for our stroll.  (The older girls just graduated from a high school which is located in a nearby town.)

At the school you can get English and Tagalog lessons free of charge.  ;-)

It's getting dark, so it's time to head back for our supper with the Evangelista family and friends. 

Cutting up some cold meat.

Sis Liwanag cooking the rice and main dish

Enjoy the delicious food with us

A blessed ending to an enjoyable day.  A sweet time of fellowship with devotions and singing.   (The singing was at the girls' request.)
 One more blog on our Gabaldon trip yet to come!


  1. When I first glanced at the English Park mural, I thought the kids were kneeling by two gravestones. When I enlarged the photos, I was relieved to see that they're not grave markers. That would have been odd.

  2. Thank you for graciously inviting us to see your home and "inviting us" to your family dinner.We have one Lord and this helps to draw us closer though we are many miles apart.

  3. How amazing it is to be arable to visit with our friends in the Philippines! it looks like you are all enjoying the visit very much. God's blessings to you!