* Gabaldon Weekend: (2) A Country Drive

Now that we're back to the car, hop in once again and we'll explore some back roads.

Our first turn takes us past a field belonging to Bro Lando's father, where Bro Lando has some chilis.

Some to take home.  Yum!

Bro Lando and his father
A good opportunity for a second pinic in the shade of the car.

The track is a bit rough in spots, but still driveable.  In fact that adds to the fun, right?

Our intrepid driver

Don't worry we won't get lost.  Eventually we make our way back to town, where there is time for some visiting and a walk around town. 

(See Gabaldon Weekend: (3) Saturday Evening Relaxation and Fellowship)


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  1. Adventurous spirit to go with the rough road - very nice pics.Beautiful land.