* Books, Books, Books, ...

We are trying to increase our stock of books here, so we recently ordered and received a large shipment of books from RFPA (Reformed Free Publishing Association).  Maybe we won't run out of the various titles so quickly now!


"Let's put it over here!"

And now the unpacking begins.
And continues ...

And some more.

Now to fit them on the shelves.


Once again, a word of thanks to the churches for the collections taken in support of our "Philippine Book Fund."  As the following quotes indicate, the books are much appreciated:

"Thank you for making these books available at discounted prices.  I enjoy reading them.  I have learned so many things from what I have already read.  By God's grace, the Lord gives me opportunities to share what I am learning with others here at church."

"I am grateful to God for the books of PRC authors.  I am now beginning to understand truths there were not clear to me before."

"Thank you!  Reading the books is like listening to the authors and being tutored by them.  I'm learning a lot from my readings."

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  1. Next to personal Bible reading and study nothing is more profitable than good books and especially RFPA ones!