* Work Toward A Federation

One of the goals in the mission work here is to establish a denomination of churches, according to God's wise will and timing.  The consistories of two churches are already working together toward this goal, and recently held a combined meeting in our home.

Elder Sonny Umali, Elder Reden Zuniega, Elder Rod Bongat, Rev. Kleyn, Rev. Smit, Deacon Lito Trias, Pastor John Flores, Deacon Dick Espiritu

The Sunday after the meeting, the following announcement was made in both churches:

"On Monday, August 22 our consistories of the Berean Protestant Reformed Church and the First Reformed Church of Bulacan had a combined meeting in order to identify any areas of concern or differences that need further discussion and resolution in preparation for our future federation, the Lord willing.  Rev. Kleyn was appointed by the consistories as chairman of our combined meetings, and Rev. Smit was appointed clerk.  As a result of the thorough discussions of the appoximately 4 hour meeting, the consistories identified only 2 significant matters of practice in which the churhes have differed, namely, article 67 of our Church Order and the validity of the baptisms of the Roman Catholic Church and other such churches. ..." 

"... In addition, the consistories identified other concerns in which there seems to be full agreement, but more work to be done, namely, faithful Bible translations, a complete Psalter/Psalm song book translation in Tagalog, an official and accurate Tagalog translation of our Reformed Creeds, plus the work of preparing to do other works together as a denomination.  The agenda for the next meeting (date to be determined yet) will be to begin a treatment of the issue of Article 67.  Please pray for the consistories that they may receive wisdom and strength as well as a continued spirit of brotherly cooperation and love in this work of our seeking to express together the unity of the church Jesus Christ."

After the meeting there was time for lunch and fellowship.


  1. This is good news, it is wonderful to see work and progress toward a federation. It is also good to see the interest in translating the reformed creeds and the creation of a Tagalog Psalter.

  2. Hi Josh and Sharla, Thanks for you note and encouragement in the work! Yes, it's good to see God's blessing on the work here in these ways. In Christ, Sharon