* Workers

The planting, drying and harvesting of rice is always interesting to watch and photograph on our way to and from Gabaldon.  The first few pictures are of some workers planting rice in a large field.  We are told that they sing a song to keep them going and to give rhythm to their work.

Next is a video of men working to dry rice that has been spread out on the road.
On the way to Gabaldon we also saw a man feeding his flock of ducks.
And last, but not least, we liked these pictures of construction workers seeking an escape from the sun on one of their breaks. At least there were enough pipes for each one to have his own!


  1. That is one big hungry flock and the pipes-love it!

  2. The workers in the pipes remind me of playing in concrete pipes as a child. My brothers, neighborhood friends, and I loved using them as a playground while our subdivision was being expanded.

  3. Timmy and Andrew wanted to know where you were in the field planting the rice. They thought you were part of the workers in the field. HA HA HA----I had them fooled for a few seconds at least.
    Wishing you both the Lord's Blessings----The Tim Bartelds Family

    1. Timothy and Andrew, We would love to try planting rice sometime. Maybe some day we'll be able to. :-) Lord's blessings to all of you too. Rev. and Mrs. Kleyn