* Young People's Outing (1)

We had an enjoyable day this past Monday.  We, with the First Reformed Church in Bulacan, planned an outing for their youth and invited the other youth as well.  All who were able, came to the Kleyns for a day of games, food and fellowship.  We had about 48 people here.

Getting warmed up with a few games of schoolbus (The idea is to line up in order of the days of the week. The day that is called out has to go the the front seat and the rest have to get in order following.  Last ones to their seat are off the bus!)

The young people and men headed off to the basketball court in the subdivision for more games.  Most of the ladies stayed behind at the house.  We visited and looked at family pictures, old and new. 

Devotions before lunch included singing some English and Tagalog Psalter numbers, and a short meditation about Daniel, as a young man, taking a faithful stand against the king's decree by continuing to pray to God three times a day.

We had tacos (with rice, veggies, and salsa), chips, and then canned fruit and bars for dessert.

 Lining up for lunch

The time after lunch presented it's own fun, but that will have to wait for installment number two!

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