* In our yard

We noticed this in the tree above our driveway a few weeks ago.  Yikes!

Honey anyone?!  You'll have to climb pretty high
and deal with a lot of bees to get it!

And for all you spider lovers out there!


We have also seen this beauty several times.  A little nicer than bees and spiders!

A friend helped me identify it as a Scarlet Mormon butterfly.



  1. Very interesting! Those are Giant Honeybees, different from the regular kind. Harmless as long as you aren't throwing rocks at them. That's the type of beehive that some of the tribes in Asia will climb hundreds of feet barefoot into giant trees with only a small torch in their mouth to get.

    And that's a beautiful butterfly!

    Aren't all of God's creatures so fascinating!!(if we can keep our heeby-jeebies down long enough to observe them??) :)

  2. Yeah.. really beautiful creatures