* SportsFest!

On Monday, August 31, which was a public holiday, the young adults planned a sports day for the various groups in Manila.  It turned out to be a great day -- the weather, the turnout (from BPRC, PRCB, and PCC), and the good fellowship made it a success, under God's blessing.

Bulacan Group arriving.

The Berean Group.

Signing up for the various sports events/tournaments.

Even the little ones got involved.

Rev. Ibe led in devotions.

Several of the men spent part of the morning in a Classis Standing Committee meeting.  After a couple of hours they could join in the fun with the rest of us.

Among other delicious treats that various street vendors offered us was this one.
Taho -- a silky tofu (from soy beans), sago (like tapioca) and caramel mixture -- makes a warm and yummy breakfast.

A chess competition was one of the ongoing events throughout the day.



And of course the technology keeps some occupied during their spare time!

The best kind of lunch -- potluck!

No event is complete without .... basketball!

Ping pong

We are thankful to God for this opportunity for the churches and groups to grow in their knowledge of and love for one another. 

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