* Furlough - Loveland, Colorado

The next leg of our journey took us this past week to Loveland PRC in Loveland, Colorado, set near the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.  We stayed with Rev. and Nancy Key for the couple days we were there.

Rev. and Nancy

We had some time on Tuesday to drive up into the National Park.  We drove up to Trail Ridge Pass, stopping along the way to see some of the scenery and wildlife and to take a few short walks.  We saw elk, marmots, Clark's Nutcrackers (birds), as well as some wildflowers in bloom.

Near the top of the pass there was still some snow and they still had the snow removal equipment standing by in case of another late snow fall.  The poles are there to mark the sides of the road when there is a heavy snow fall.  The height of the poles shows how deep the snow can sometimes get!

Tuesday night Rev. Kleyn did a presentation for Loveland congregation on the work in the Philippines.  We thank the Keys and Loveland PRC for their hospitality and support in the work of missions.

Rev. Kleyn preparing for the presentation

The Audience


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